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Mechanical Packing*

Calculations on how we formulated the figure of equivalent cars globally. For the Potential C02 Savings for Mechanical Seal Usage in Industries.
Calculation B  
Calculate Pump Time  
7,275,180 Equivalent sets of packing estimate global
300% MTBR per year
21,825,540 Equivalent sets of packing estimate global
90% Utilisation
7,884 Utilisation hours per year per pump
172,072,557,360 Total Pump Utilisation Hours per year
Calculate Pump Seal Energy Saving Usage #1  
20% % Packing on Reheat/Evap Duties
4,365,108 number of packing sets on Reheat/Evap Duties
67 kW per pump seal energy saving packing to single seal plan 23
0.27 kg CO2eq per kWh
528,228 kWh per pump
142,622 kg CO2eq per pump
31 cars per pump
2,305,772,268,624 kWh per site
622,558,512,528.48 kg CO2eq per site
135,338,807.07 cars per site
Scale Up For Global Usage  
- m3
622,558,512,528.48 kg CO2eq
135,338,807 total number of equivalent cars globally

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Saving over 1 billion gallons of water
  • Water savings

  • Reference: Botts2005
  • Savings: 1.1 billion US gallons
  • Savings: $3.9 million

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