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Sugar Refining

Calculations on how we formulated the figure of equivalent cars globally. For the Potential C02 Savings for Mechanical Seal Usage in Industries.
Calculation B  
Calculate Pump Time  
800 Total Number of Rotating Equipment Per Site
75% Proportion Pumps
600 Total Number of Pumps Per Site
90% Utilisation
7,884 Utilisation Hours Per Year Per Pump
4,730,400 Total Pump Utilisation Hours Per Year Per Site
Calculate Pump Seal Energy Saving Usage #1  
20% % Plan 32's
120 Plan 32's per site
162 kW per pump seal energy saving plan 32 to 23
0.27 kg CO2 eq per kWh
1,277,208 kWh per pump
344,846 kg CO2eq per pump
75 cars per pump
153,264,960 kWh per site
41,381,539 kg CO2eq per site
8,996 cars per site
Calculate Pump Seal Energy Saving Usage #2  
10% % Plan 21's
60 Plan 21's per site
40 kW per pump seal energy saving plan 21 to 23
0.27 kg CO2 eq per kWh
315,360 kWh per pump
85,147 kg CO2eq per pump
18.51 cars per pump
18,921,600 kWh per site
5,108,832 kg CO2 eq per site
1,111 cars per site
Calculate Total Energy Savings Per Site  
172,186,560 kWh per site
46,490,371 kg CO2 eq per site
10,107 total number of equivalent cars saving per site
Scale Up For Global Usage  
3,200 global number of site
550,996,992,000 kWh
148,769,187,840 kg CO2 eq
32,341,128 total number of equivalent cars globally

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Sugar Refining Case Studies

Reducing Energy Usage and Improving Reliability
  • Power conservation

  • Lowering emissions

  • Reference: CH01451
  • Savings: gas usage by 594,432 m3 / per annum
  • Savings: £181,000 per annum

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Improving reliability and reducing product loss for sugar refinery
  • Water savings

  • Reference: CH00376 CH00377 CH00378 CH00379
  • MTBF: 800% and increasing
  • Savings: ZAR 107,500 (Year 1), ZAR 235,500 (Year 2 +)

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