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For the past year or more the Betterworld.Solutions project has been covering stories where business and the environment meet in order to encourage companies to understand how they can help combat global warming. 

The goal is to put the spotlight on the partners signing up to investment policies to combat global warming and on the case studies showing how business can make a difference.

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Businesses are determined to be part of the solution


Cool Facts For a Cool Planet

The Betterworld.Solutions project has launched a newsletter featuring some great stories about how engineering and the environment can work together.

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We want to showcase the best and most committed companies, whether they are customers, suppliers or competitors – so don’t forget to keep forwarding your success stories.

The aim is to demonstrate that businesses are determined to be part of the solution.


If enough businesses act, together we can slow down or help to prevent Global Warming.

A Summary of Evidence

We estimate that widespread adoption of more climate-friendly policies in industry globally, could have the equivalent impact of taking 630.5 million cars off the roads.

Real World Examples

Just a few examples where we have the know-how to do things differently and help both the environment and the bottom line.

Create your Policy

The case for a great return on investment, from water and energy savings is very clear. "Adopt an Investment Policy to Prevent Global Warming".