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AESSEAL and DMG Mori’s energy-saving cooperation


Betterworld members AESSEAL and DMG Mori have joined forces in an energy-saving breakthrough that could act as a global case-study for tackling supply-chain emissions and supporting industry’s drive to Net Zero.

In what is believed to be a global first the Japanese plant of DMG Mori, a world leading machine tool manufacturer, has supplied AESSEAL in Rotherham with energy-friendly machine tools designed to work directly at European standard voltages, avoiding a wasteful transformation step.

DMG Mori has delivered around £4 million pounds worth of cutting-edge machine tools to Rotherham Company, AESSEAL plc’s ‘Factory for the Future’ on the Bradmarsh Industrial Estate. The machines work directly at 400v 3-phase, which is used by industry throughout Europe including the UK.

All previous machines of this calibre were produced to the Japanese 200v 3-phase electrical standard and required step up transformation to UK voltage, with a loss of approximately 5% of the energy used in the transformation.

AESSEAL, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mechanical seals used by global industry, runs Betterworld.Solutions, a philanthropic environmental best practice sharing organisation, of which DMG Mori is also a leading member.

Referring to discussions with AESSEAL Managing Director Chris Rea, Dr Masahiko Mori, the President of DMG Mori stated: “DMG Mori are proud members of Betterworld.Solutions as we were fully committed to sharing environmental best practice, to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Chris gave us a great chance to change to 400v”.


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