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Board Meeting of new JV company

Board Meeting of new JV Company 1336x744

A Board Meeting of the joint venture company AESSEAL-Torishima Japan Co. Ltd took place at the Factory for the Future in Rotherham on Monday 10th June.

To mark the occasion, Torishima Chief Executive Kotaro Harada planted a tree on the tree walk.

The new company was set up last October to supply and service AESSEAL products in the Japanese market, providing seals and sealing technology for end users and OEMs throughout Japan. 

Based in Osaka, Torishima is a leading supplier of engineered pumps to a wide range of markets, and has a global network of sales, service and manufacturing facilities providing pumping equipment to customers throughout the world. 

 Mr Harada said that as much as 30% of the energy used in Japan is consumed by pump operations, highlighting the importance of addressing energy saving with pumps to build a carbon-neutral society.

“'It is an honour to be a partner of AESSEAL, their commitment to improving the environment is an example to all Engineering organisations and strongly aligned with our core values.”

 Chris Rea, Group Managing Director of AES Engineering Ltd, said ‘We are happy to work with Torishima as part of our expansion into important global markets and delighted to have a tree in our Tree Walk nature trail that will forever remind us of our Japanese partners’. 


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