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Energy Efficiency Advancement: CBE+ installs a Combined Heat and Power System alongside an Advanced Effluent Plant

Effluent Plant CBE+

Betterworld.Solutions is pleased to welcome CBE+ as the newest member.

Sustainability and the environment isn’t a new topic to the business. Not only have CBE+ halved their emissions by 50% through consolidating all their production to one site in 2022, but they have also invested £0.75M in a combined heat and power system which will further reduce their carbon footprint. The power and heat generation system matches CBE+ production process demands. They have partnered with Levercor to develop and commission the system at their Chesterfield facility.

Levercor and CBE+ spent several months fully understanding the power and heat demand profiles working together to develop a bespoke system, tailored to fit their processes and unique to their facility. The system works by capturing the heat generated as a by-product of the electrical power generation and uses it to provide heat energy, warming the tanks for surface treatment processes.

Alongside their combined heat and power system, CBE+ have installed an effluent plant. This plant is used to filter and neutralise all waste chemically generated on site, allowing environmentally safe disposal and recycling.

This system is an important addition to their Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP) process. CBE+ are heavily reliant on the use of chemicals within their ENP process. The new effluent system is in place to purify all solutions produced in the plating process and restore them to environmentally friendly standards, approved by Yorkshire Water.


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