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Pallet-iative measure


Betterworld partner AESSEAL has come up with a cunning plan for recycling wooden pallets, saving on waste costs and helping a supplier get a reliable supply of quality pallets at a low cost.

Lots of businesses use wooden pallets and they are almost always discarded afterwards, meaning that they are classed as waste. This seemed, well … ‘wasteful’.

AESSEAL has reached an agreement to sort through the euro pallets in order to collect and resell at a nominal cost those that are reusable to a key supplier. This is expected to amount to around 2,500 pallets per year, generating up to £3,000.

Because they are sold, and can be reused for their original purpose, AESSEAL saves money on disposal or recycling costs. Other wood waste is sent for recycling via local licenced contractors.

AESSEAL has pledged to ring fence the proceeds and will donate the cash to environmental causes.

AESSEAL managing director, Chris Rea, says: “This may be a small measure but it shows how thinking out of the box can help a companies and the environment at the same time.”

Follow the journey and keep up to speed with the updates in our Betterworld.Solutions magazine and the #29millionby29 campaign on Chris Rea’s LinkedIn.


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