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Return & reuse plastic bottles - time for action?

take steps towards plastic reduction. Use chilled & filtered water with re-usable bottles

Did you know a single plastic bottle can be recycled up to twelve times?

Despite this, millions of plastic drinks containers end up in landfill and with over 13 billion plastic bottles consumed in the UK every year - there is a large potential to cut the waste.

To tackle the plastic problem, the UK Department for Environment (DEFRA) consultation (January 2023) will be introducing cash deposits on single-use drinks containers, with similar schemes already in place in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The deposit return scheme will operate via a network of ‘reverse vending machines’ found at local shops and supermarkets. Here, plastic bottles can be returned in exchange for a cash deposit, initially paid for by the customer upon purchase. Once the bottle is returned, the supermarket or company is responsible for making sure the plastic is recycled.

The circular approach to plastic consumption will also come alongside a series of wider reforms to the current packaging waste system which will incentivise producers to take more responsibility for their environmental impacts.

The Betterworld water scheme also helps employers to take similar steps towards plastic reduction by providing chilled and filtered water with re-usable bottles. The twin-track approach targets plastic waste in the workplace. Betterworld members OSL Group, Rotherham United Football Club, and South Yorkshire Community Foundation are all on board with cold, filtered water on tap, preventing the need to buy single-use bottled water at the outset.

Find out more on how to do this at your place of work or home Watch the Betterworld.Solutions YouTube video guide


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