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Rototherm wins Rolls-Royce sustainability award

1336 Rototherm wins Rolls-Royce

Betterworld member British Rototherm has won a major sustainability award at the Rolls-Royce annual supplier conference in Derby. 

British Rototherm, which is based in Port Talbot, near Swansea in south Wales, is a leading manufacturer of measurement technology. Its products include temperature and pressure gauges, and devices to record level and density, liquid concentration, dissolved carbon dioxide, and flow.

Rototherm secured the Rolls-Royce Horizon Award for Sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) after being shortlisted into a group of four suppliers, and then making a presentation to the conference on the importance of sustainability. 

Managing director Oliver Conger said that as part of the presentation, he made a point of mentioning how much his company had learned about the importance of sustainability from the example set by AESSEAL.

The point is not just to win an award,” Mr Conger said, “but to demonstrate good practice and educate others on how they can help to make the world a better place. We have learnt a huge amount from AES and it was nice to share some of this with the participants at the conference. I am also keen to promote the Betterworld concept with our clients at Rolls-Royce, and I will be asking them to promote it across their entire supply chain.”


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