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'Tree Walk' As Part of the 'Factory of the Future'


AESSEAL’s vision – and the vision of the Betterworld.Solutions project – is to find ways of making industry and the environment live in harmony.

There is a climate crisis after all, but jobs and growth are also critical to human wellbeing. As a result, in parallel with our plans for a ‘factory of the future’ in Rotherham that will be as ‘green’ as human ingenuity can make it (if good traffic management is possible), we are developing ‘Tree Walk’ as an educational and public information resource.

We want it to be a home for bees, hedgehogs and butterflies as well as all the wetland creatures. I cannot think of a better frame for the ‘factory of the future’.


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Whatever the decisions of SCR and Rotherham councillors, the bees are here already, and the hedgehogs are coming!

This article was republished from an original piece, on LinkedIn : Written by Chris Rea.


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