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What can £29 million by 2029 buy for the planet?


In his latest video diary on AES Engineering Group's £29 million by 2029 investment pledge, MD Chris Rea sums up how the money will be spent. The challenge of persuading suppliers to cut emissions is not fully resolved, but the Group's commitment to take action within its power is reaffirmed. He outlines how Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions in the global group will be controlled and how much it will cost. He also indicates how the remaining investment will be committed to other environmentally friendly action.

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Follow the journey and keep up to speed with the updates in our Betterworld.Solutions magazine and the #29millionby29 campaign on Chris Rea’s LinkedIn.


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We estimate that widespread adoption of more climate-friendly policies in industry globally, could have the equivalent impact of taking 630.5 million cars off the roads.

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Just a few examples where we have the know-how to do things differently and help both the environment and the bottom line.

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