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Zero Tolerance for Suppliers who Don't aim to Reduce


Net Zero means zero tolerance for suppliers who don’t try to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why I have been campaigning with some like-minded partners, via the Betterworld.Solutions project, to get machine tools manufacturers ‘on side’.

The issue here is the wasteful practice of supplying these expensive tools with motors designed for Asian three-phase voltage and converting them to the European standard using cheap transformers.

The message that we should pay a bit extra for better quality transformers is one that I certainly support, but that is only a first step.

The good news is that DMG MORI, a Betterworld.Solutions partner, has announced that the latest addition to its NTX range is the small NTX500, this comes ready to accept 400 volts and requires no transformer.

However, we need more general action across the full range of machine tools and with all manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier, please listen to your European customers (and those in other countries such as the US) and make machines designed to operate at the customer’s standard three-phase a basic requirement.

Or else face the usual consequences for selective deafness.

AESSEAL and the AES Engineering Ltd group will continue to insist that our suppliers ‘do the right thing’ and meet their obligations to reduce the carbon footprint of industry.

Better quality transformers only reduce transformation losses - I want to eliminate them.


See also the Read the Made Here Now special report on their website which explains more about Amorphous Core Transformers and the reaction from some machine tools manufacturers.

Written by Chris Rea, Group Managing Director, CBE, DL, BSc, CEng, HonFIMechE.
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