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Understand reliability and your environmental impact

5 steps to building a sustainable global business

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Operating reliably and without unnecessary waste of resources or pollution is a major challenge for global industry. Sectors such as oil and gas, water, mining, automotive, chemicals, paper and pulp etc. are accused of only being interested in the bottom line. But we need to remember that these industries supply essential goods and services and some at least can be the key to a more sustainable future.

How can we switch to electric vehicles without lithium, for example?

But there’s no excuse for senseless waste.

Operating reliably, without breakdowns, leaks, or incidents that are hazardous both to staff and the environment is essential.

That is where AES Engineering and its global brands AESSEAL and AVT Reliability come in. We make advanced mechanical seals and water management systems used in all important industries.

Over the decades we have increasingly also focused on providing the expertise to get the best from the pumps, turbines and rotating equipment that are the workhorses of modern industry.

All major industries need to focus on reliability as one of the major vectors to becoming more sustainable and to reducing carbon emissions and other contributions to global warming, some of which like methane are even more damaging.

It’s a sad fact that engineers, financial managers, directors, and leaders in major industrial sectors often don’t know that they are wasting money as well as hurting their expensive equipment and the environment. AESSEAL and AVT Reliability are challenger brands that have continued to grow fast by filling the knowledge gap.

During a period where we are suffering the aftermath of a global pandemic and the return to international instability and uncertainty, we are getting even closer to our customers.

The reason is that we offer excellence in customer service and customer value, technological leadership, and environmental value and promote all of these things.

Our promise on customer service is simple: "We aim to give such exceptional service that they need never seek another source of supply".

Likewise, by investing in pioneering technology, we simplify the whole ordering process and respond quickly to customers' needs – whatever, wherever.

What we offer as regards customer value and environmental value is a little more complex. That is why we publish numerous case studies, showing how we have helped customers’ bottom lines and allowed them to save literally billions of gallons of water and reduce their carbon footprint.

Need more convincing?

Check out some of our selection of video case studies and challenge AESSEAL and AVT Reliability to deliver such exceptional service that you “need never seek another source of supply”.

Also, read case studies from other companies on Betterworld.Solutions and think about your own investment policy to prioritize the environment.

Take a look at our case studies:

Over a series of weeks, I will be publishing articles outlining how a sustainable business can also be a successful business. See below the articles shared, outlining the five steps to sustainability:

Introductory article: Five steps to building a sustainable global business

  1. Have a higher goal
  2. Understand reliability and your environmental impact
  3. Have a ‘Grow your own’ culture
  4. The power of trust
  5. Deliver solutions

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